Real estate consumer, STOP and CONSIDER before consenting to Dual Agency

Before signing a Dual Agency Consent Agreement ask yourself: Is my real estate licensee, in whom I've confided and placed my trust, the best person to advise me about the diminished representation downside of Dual Agency service?

In New Brunswick the consumer has the right to Single Agency representation and the undivided loyalty of a licensed real estate Agent (Broker) as well as every salesperson employed by the licensed Agent. Single Agency = Undivided Loyalty and Dual Agency = Conflict of Interests. Since informed consent requires an informed consumer, you may wish to learn more before you consent. Each of the links below will open a new window or tab.


Agency in New Brunswick - your rights explained

Disclosure of role and nature of service from a REALTOR (required in Canada)

Double or Dual Agency - how to avoid it

Undivided Loyalty - a pledge of full representation





I represent Buyers as well as Sellers and do not practice double agency.I'm licensed as an Agent, not as a salesperson employed by an Agent, so I am truly independent. I pledge undivided loyalty and full disclosure to all my principals, whether they are Buyers or Sellers. I take my work seriously and I thoroughly enjoy representing people in their residential and commercial real estate transactions. If you are a client and represented by an agency, and you are asked to consent to double agency representation,you have the right to say NO WAY. You have the right to full, single agency representation thoroughout the selling or buying process.




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